Sex Workers have always been champions of health, harm reduction, and sanitation. I've taken some time to research and recalibrate, and am excited to post this update about how I will be moving forward to provide harm-reduced services under the circumstances of an ongoing pandemic.

My Procedures

Before sessions:

For me:

  • I will not work, or leave my home, when experiencing the following symptoms: sore throat, cough, fever
  • I will take my temperature before dates (orally), and I will consider a temperature of 38°C or over a fever
  • I will wash my body, hair, and hands with soap and warm water before dates
  • I will always have clean sheets and towels
  • I will disinfect my incall (doorknobs, light switches, shower, tap handles, counter tops, etc.) before and after all sessions
  • I will do all laundry in hot water

For you:

  • Monitor for symptoms and e-mail or text me if you are experiencing symptoms. Your deposit will be held for a future appointment, and no cancellation fee will apply.
  • Do your best to wear clean clothes
  • As soon as you enter the incall:
    • Place your donation on the table (or pay in advance via e-transfer)
    • Take a shower
    • Leave all clothing and belongings in the washroom (don't drape anything over the couches, as I cannot Sterilize them)
    • Before leaving the washroom, wash your hands again for good measure
    • Don't touch your face

During sessions:

If you are face down on the bed or facing away from me, or over 6 feet away from me (ie. chatting on the couch), you are not required to wear a mask.

If you are face up and close to me, you will need to wear a mask.

You can choose whether you'd like me to wear a mask or not.

After sessions:

If you develop any main symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, sore throat, chills, unexplained fatigue) within 14 days of our session, please let me know immediately. Please go get a COVID test, and let me know of the result.

I will do the same for you.

I will self-isolate while waiting to hear on your results, to minimize potential spread, and I recommend you do the same!

I will be waiving cancellation fees for the duration of the pandemic.

I will continue to require deposits to book. In the case of a cancellation, they will be carried forward for up to 2 months after the original appointment date. 

If you show up with symptoms, or refuse to comply with my COVID-19 procedures, you will be sent home without refund and your deposit will be forfeited.

The Research

I am operating in accord with the following information: