Friends of Andre

I adore my gorgeous friends, and I think you should too! Let me know if you'd like to arrange a duo with one of these incredible providers.

For solo appointments, please contact them directly.

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BDSM & Companionship

Don’t let my seemingly tough exterior fool you; I’m sweet as a peach. Warm, gentle, and endlessly flirtatious, my demeanor will immediately put you at ease. My giggle is devilish, and utterly intoxicating...An unabashed sensualist, an ardent explorer of the human psyche. Long have I been drawn to alternative and imaginative practices, pursuing a journey that embraces our unique selves.

Rheo Hart


Gwen Valentine


Massage & Kink

You see me across the room and are instantly entranced. Struck by my baby blue eyes and contagious smile, you want nothing more than to sink into my tender embrace. Up close, it’s even better––you’re drawn to my witty sense of humour and knack for conversation.

If you’re looking for a mind-blowing massage from a friendly, naturally busty brunette, then look no further. Or maybe you’re looking for something a little more daring? I offer safe and consensual BDSM sessions. From fin domme to foot fetish (my personal favourite), I can make your fantasies come true.

What do you get when you take a precocious 21 year old, remove the internalized shame about sex, and empower her to make her own decisions with her body? One hell of a good time.

I genuinely love this work, and I'm so glad to have made my way into this strange industry. I enjoy discovering what makes you tick, what turns you on, and having a relaxing and stimulating time together.


An experienced and creative Dom, I will take the seeds of your desire and twist them into a delicious scene. Whether you crave to be disciplined, humiliated, coddled, or trained, you will find yourself begging for more. Welcome all experience levels and here to help you navigate exploring and pushing your boundaries.