Let's Make a Date

Social Time

Whether it's a quick coffee date to test our chemistry or a lengthy dinner date at your favourite restaurant (followed by a visit to my incall...), this is a way for us to get to know each other outside of playspace. Be creative! Game night, wine tasting, a night of theatre or music...Show me a good time!

I'm especially interested in excellent coffee and tea, savoury meats and seafood, movies, contemporary dance shows, live music, and Scrabble games.

$50 for a quick exchange over a coffee (15 mins)
$100 for a drink and light conversation (30 mins)
$150 for a short meal, to get to know each other a little better (1 hour)

Craving a little more intimacy? +100 for each additional hour.

Combo Packages

2 hour dinner + 2 hour massage session: $600 (regular $750)
2 hour dinner + 2 hour kink session: $800 (regular $950)

Take Me Home with You

Worn Panties, Stockings, and Shoes

Panties, stockings, socks, and other garments

Washed or worn one day: $60
Worn two days: $100
Worn three days: $160
Each additional day +100

Shoes start at $100. Prices will vary depending on style and requests.