Get in Touch

I am happy to announce that I am accepting a low volume of in-person clients!


I am available the following dates in Vancouver:

October 3, 7pm-10pm
October 10, 7pm-10pm
October 14, 10am-10pm
October 15, 1pm-10pm
October 16, 1pm-10pm
October 18, 12pm-10pm
October 20, 10am-10pm
October 21, 10am-10pm
October 22, 1pm-10pm
October 23, 1pm-10pm
October 24, 7pm-10pm
October 25, 1pm-10pm
October 27, 10am-10pm
October 28, 10am-10pm
October 29, 1pm-10pm
October 30, 1pm-10pm


    If you haven't heard back from me within 48 hours, it's possible I haven't received your email. In this case, please email me directly at